Sathyabhama Das Biju

Biju is the head of Systematics Lab. Frogs fascinate Biju. This fascination which started about 25 years back, has only increased with time. Biju's first profession was plant taxonomy. Following his pioneering fieldwork in the Western Ghats, he worked in the Amphibian Evolution Lab, Brussels for his PhD on Indian frogs.  Biju is now in University of Delhi and leads a team of young and dynamic researchers. The Systematics Lab, that he initiated and developed, is fully equipped for amphibian research. Biju’s research interests include fieldwork, taxonomy, molecular and morphological systematics, bioacoustics and reproductive biology.

Five publications
  Nature 2003
  PNAS 2007
  Science 2009
  Science 2010
  Proceedings of Royal Society London B 2012

Subject taught
Biodiversity and Conservation

IUCN/ASG SABIN award 2008, citation and 25000 USD as prize money
Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Service Award 2011, citation and 40000 INR as prize money

Educational Qualifications
PhD Vrije Universiteit, Brussels (Animal Biology) 2007
PhD Calicut University (Plant Systematics) 1999
MSc Kerala University 1987