Karan met his first frog during fieldwork in Central India. He joined the Systematics lab as a PhD candidate to pursue research on the patterns of diversification and distribution in selected groups of Indian frogs using integrative molecular and morphological approaches.

UGC-Junior Research Fellow, Government of India

Biju SD, Garg S,  Gokulakrishnan G, Sivaperuman C, Thammachoti P,  Ren J, Gopika C, Bisht K, Hamidy A, and Shouche Y. 2020. New insights on the systematics and reproductive behaviour in tree frogs of the genus Feihyla, with description of a new related genus from Asia (Anura, Rhacophoridae), Zootaxa 4878 (1): 001-055 https://doi.org/10.11646/zootaxa.4878.1.1