Bitupan has been extensively working on Northeast Indian herpetofauna for over three years. He has recently registered for a PhD under the supervision of Dr Abhijit Das at Wildlife Institute of India and co-supervision of Prof SD Biju at Systematics lab. He is currently planning his research.

Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun

Bitupan B, Raj P, Dutta SK and Das A. 2018. Redescription and geographical distribution of Raorchestes shillongensis (Anura: Rhacophoridae) from Meghalaya, Northeast India. Phyllomedusa 17(1): 3–20.

Bitupan B, Saikia U and Das A. 2017. Reproductive behaviour of Raorchestes shillongensis (Pillai and Chanda, 1972) from Meghalaya, Northeastern India. In Diversity and Ecology of Amphibians of India ed. Das A. ENVIS Bulletin. India. Pp. 217–228.

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